Why You Should Fuel Your Generator with Propane

Thinking of having a propane-powered automatic standby generator installed in your North Texas home this year? You’ve come to the right place! Enderby Gas supplies the fuel you need to keep your home running, even when the power goes out—not convinced? Keep reading to learn all the reasons why having a propane generator in Texas is an excellent idea.

The Benefits of Installing a Propane Generator in Your North Texas Home

If you haven’t already, deciding to convert to propane fuel in North Texas will reveal all the amazing capabilities that propane has. This safe and versatile fuel is able to power a wide variety of home appliances—both indoors and outside! If you hate when the power goes out, consider a propane generator to keep the lights on and the fridge running. Say goodbye to throwing away everything in your freezer after a Texas thunderstorm knocks out the power.

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Ease & Affordability

The convenience of generators is unmatched. With an automatic standby generator, you’ll get all these benefits without having to think about setting up your generator each time. Just make sure it has enough propane fuel and is serviced once a year, and you’ll be able to enjoy automatic backup power during outages, easy connection to your existing propane gas supply, and equipment maintained at zero cost to you until the generator turns on.

Peace of Mind All Year

Forget about monitoring the weather and stressing about power outages: after all, you’ll have automatic standby power delivered directly to your home! Storing power on your property in the form of propane only adds to your home security, comfort, and convenience. Plus, you can choose which appliances, lights, and outlets will be powered by your standby propane generator. We recommend the following ones for total comfort:

  • Heating or cooling equipment power means no more stressing about storms of any kind
  • Power to lights, power, and communication methods so your home can function normally
  • Plumbing and refrigerator power: never worry about toilets not flushing or groceries going bad

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Added Protection for Your Family & Home

Your family members are the most important thing in the world to you, and your home should be the place they feel safest. Protect your family members and the investment you’ve made in your home with an automatic standby generator, which will provide the security and safety that power you need when you need it. When you install a propane-powered generator in your Texas home, your home will be protected from power fluctuations and surges, your family will stay comfortable and secure all year long, and there will be an overall reduced risk of discomfort, especially for the young and the elderly when the power does go out.

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Better Preparedness = More Savings

Don’t wait until the next bout of severe weather arrives. In order to take advantage of the many benefits a home generator offers during the next storm, be sure to have a propane generator installed and rely on Enderby Gas to for reliable, fast propane fuel deliveries, that will keep your home running, no matter what.

Trustworthy Propane Generator Services in North Texas

Looking for trustworthy propane sales and service in North Texas? If so, you’ve found the right place! We’ve been serving the North Central Texas area with dependable propane services since 1945. For more than 75 years, Enderby Gas, Inc. has been providing the comforts of propane gas to thousands of valued customers. We are family-owned, locally operated, and one of the leading propane companies in the Lone Star State. We offer the competitive pricing and reliability of a large corporation but maintain the dedicated customer service and family values of a small company. If you’re interested in requesting service or propane delivery from our team today, please give us a call at (800) 772-5921 today or contact us online by clicking here!