Residential Propane Delivery for Your North Central Texas Home

Enderby Gas is pleased to provide propane for all your residential needs. If you use propane to heat your home, power your hot water heater, or fuel your outdoor appliances, you can count on us for dependable residential propane delivery in the North Texas area. To order propane for your home, please contact our fuel delivery team, and we’ll be happy to put you on the schedule.


Automatic Propane Delivery in North Central TX

For your convenience, we can set you up with our automatic propane refill system. When your propane tank falls below a set percentage, our dispatchers will be notified automatically with our tank monitoring system, and your propane delivery will be scheduled automatically. You must sign up for this service and have your credit approved. (Your account must be kept current in order to receive refills automatically.)


Residential Propane Will-Call Delivery

Prefer to manage your own propane gas deliveries? Order your propane on an as-needed basis. You will need to monitor your own supply and order a minimum of one hundred gallons. Propane is delivered Monday through Friday during regular working hours and on Saturdays during the winter season.


Benefits of Propane Deliveries from Enderby Gas


Emergency Propane Delivery

At Enderby, we want you to know that we’re here for you. If you ever experience a run-out of propane fuel or a no-heat emergency because your tank is out, we can help. We’re proud to offer emergency deliveries of propane. The best way to prevent a run-out is to order fuel when your tank gauge reads 25%. Running out of fuel can be a disaster, and we don’t want that to happen, but if it does, we’re here to help! If you need emergency delivery, contact us.