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Top Benefits of Propane for Texas Homes

As we come another month closer to summer, now is a great time to think about how you can increase your home comfort year-round. Did you know that propane is the most abundant, domestically produced home fuel source? That’s right, and this makes it affordable, too! At Enderby Gas, we think every Texan would benefit […]

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My Pilot Light Went Out: What Should I Do?

If your pilot light goes out on a winter day, you may be facing a no-heat situation in your TX home. While it may be tempting to try to relight the pilot yourself, we want to start by saying that if your pilot should go out, we are always a call away, and we can […]

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Propane Safety Tips for This Summer

North Central Texas homeowners love using propane to heat and power their homes. This eco-friendly, affordable, and versatile fuel comes with a lot of advantages. You can count on propane to fuel your heating system, stovetop, hot water heater, and so much more. Like with any home heating fuel, there are some tips you need […]

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