Propane Gas is the #1 Fuel Choice for North Texas Homebuilders

If you’re a homebuilder in North Texas, you must face a difficult decision regarding which fuel to use within the homes you build. You have options from electricity to natural gas to propane. Today, Enderby Gas is here to share some of the reasons why propane gas is the superior fuel choice for Texas homebuilders. Keep reading this blog to discover all the benefits and versatility that come with selecting propane to fuel your homes!

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Why Choose Propane for TX Homebuilding?

  • Propane is a safe fuel: Highly regulated and mandated, propane is a safe fuel that customers will appreciate and gravitate toward.
  • Propane’s versatility sets it above the competition: Propane is a one-stop fuel that residents can use to power their heating systems, stoves, lawn care equipment, generators, pool heaters, and more.
  • Propane is effective, efficient, and clean burning: You can feel great about using propane in your homebuilding because it burns cleanly for the environment and produces fewer carbon emissions than other fuels.
  • Propane supports local Texas fuel business: The vast majority of USA propane is created right here in Texas, and purchasing it supports the local and national economy.
  • Propane comes with a variety of homebuilder rebates: Did you know that using propane gives you a variety of rebates that you can use to reinvest into your homebuilding business or elsewhere? This is just another way that propane sets itself apart from the competition.

More on Propane’s Versatility & Efficiency

Check out the abundance of appliances that can be powered by propane. No matter what appliances your future homebuyers desire, they can power them with a single propane tank or pipeline on the property. Here are some indoor and outdoor uses for this versatile and efficient gas:

  • Central heating systems
  • Emergency heat for air source heat pumps
  • Hot water heaters
  • Cooking appliances
  • Clothes dryers
  • Fireplaces
  • Backup generators
  • Gas grills
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Fire pits
  • Patio space heaters
  • Pool, hot tub & spa heaters

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Choosing Propane for Your Future Homeowners? Enderby Gas Can Help!

Enderby Gas has been the company of choice for residential and commercial propane customers since our founding in 1945, and we’re proud to continue bringing safe, dependable propane gas to our friends in Cooke, Grayson, Montague, Denton, and Collin counties. In addition to reliable propane delivery, we offer propane conversions, as well as propane for agricultural and Autogas applications. Contact us today to speak to the experts on propane in North Texas!