Propane Gas for North Central Texas Homebuilders

Every homebuilder in Texas is wondering which fuel will be the best choice to keep costs low and to enjoy total efficiency and convenience. Want to know why the majority of these builders choose propane? We’re here to share some of the most significant reasons propane is the number one choice when it comes to Texas homebuilders. Here are a few of the top benefits of propane as a commercial homebuilder’s go-to fuel:

  1. Propane is a safe fuel

Highly regulated and mandated, propane is a safe fuel that customers will appreciate and gravitate toward.

  1. Propane’s versatility sets it above the competition

Propane is a one-stop fuel that residents can use to power their heating systems, stoves, lawn care equipment, generators, pool heaters, and more.

  1. Propane is effective, efficient, and clean burning

You can feel great about using propane in your homebuilding because it burns cleanly for the environment and produces fewer carbon emissions than other fuels.

  1. Propane supports local Texas fuel business

The vast majority of USA propane is created right here in Texas, and purchasing it supports the local and national economy.

  1. Propane comes with a variety of homebuilder rebates

Did you know that using propane gives you a variety of rebates that you can use to reinvest into your homebuilding business or elsewhere? Keep reading to learn more about currently available propane building rebates.

Valuable Rebates Available for North Central Texas Homebuilders

The Propane Education and Research Council will pay you up to $1,500 for each new home built, for up to five homes per state, when you build with propane or include propane appliances in new construction. That’s a total of over $7,500 per year! If you’d like to learn more about these valuable rebate opportunities, please contact us, and we’ll let you know the latest on these propane rebates.