Residential Propane Gas Appliances for Your TX Home

Have you ever wondered about the variety of home comfort appliances you can combine with propane to increase your home comfort? Enderby Gas in Gainesville is here to help you learn more about the wide variety of appliances that propane can power. Always remember that if you’d like to order propane gas for your residential appliance use, you can do so with the touch of a button:


Propane Furnaces and Boilers

Propane is a highly efficient, clean, and safe fuel to use for home heating. When the temperatures start to drop, a high-efficiency propane gas furnace or boiler is the perfect choice to keep your home safe and warm even during the dead of winter.

Propane Water Heaters

The good news is that you don’t have to say goodbye to propane outside of the heating season. You can carry those same benefits over by using propane in various ways during the warm-weather months, like with your water heater. This is one appliance you need all year long for bathing, cleaning, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, and more. Speaking of laundry, propane can power your dryer, too!

Propane Gas Generators

This safe and versatile fuel is able power a wide variety of home appliances—both indoors and outside! If you hate when the power goes out, consider a propane generator to keep the lights on and the fridge running. Say goodbye to throwing away everything in your freezer after a Texas thunderstorm knocks out the power.

Indoor and Outdoor Comfort Appliances

The fun doesn’t stop there! Here are a few more appliances you can power with our residential propane gas deliveries.

Order Propane Gas Today

Choosing one main fuel source such as propane to power the majority of your home energy systems will simplify your utility bills, give you peace of mind by working with the trusted local propane provider of your choice, and add convenience to your everyday living.