Referral Program for Texas Propane Customers

Would you like to earn 10¢ off every gallon? Now you can! See how easy it is for you, family members, and friends to get 10¢ off every gallon of propane for a year! It’s our mission to provide you and your family or business with the most outstanding propane delivery service in the North Texas area. When you refer your friends and neighbors to Enderby Gas, we couldn’t be more pleased. Referrals of new customers are the most flattering compliments we receive. To show our appreciation, we give a special gift to say thank you. Have questions? Please contact us!


How the Referral Program Works:

  1. Tell a friend, family member, or neighbor to become a customer of Enderby Gas.
  2. When they come in to become a new customer, make sure they give us your name as the referral.
  3. When your referral places a delivery order, you’ll both benefit from the reward automatically.

Existing and new customers both receive 10¢ per gallon off their deliveries for either 1 year or up to 500 gallons, whichever comes first. You as the referrer will receive your 10¢ discount on their deliveries once your friend has received their first delivery.

Referral Program FAQs

What is the Referral Program?

Our Referral Program is an opportunity to tell your friends and family about Enderby Gas, Inc. and encourage them to become a customer as well, all while scoring major savings on your North Central Texas propane costs.

What kind of savings/rewards do I get for referring my family and friends?

You will receive 10¢ per gallon savings on your next delivery for every referral that becomes an Enderby Gas, Inc. customer. Once your referral receives their first delivery, you will get a discount of 10¢ per gallon up to 500 gallons or for one year, whichever comes first. Your referral also receives the same rewards of 10¢ per gallon discount on their deliveries up to 500 gallons or one year, whichever comes first.

Are there any limits to the savings?

No! There are no limits to the number of people you can refer. For each referral that becomes a new customer at Enderby Gas and receives a delivery, you will receive an extension of 10¢ per gallon discount on your deliveries for up to 500 gallons or for one year, whichever comes first.

What if I have locked in a contract price?

Not to worry; you will still get the 10¢ per gallon discount off your low contract price.