4 Tips for Preparing and Maintaining Your Propane Appliances This Spring in TX

Spring is upon us here in North Texas, and the warm weather can’t come soon enough. If you’re anything like the team here at Enderby Gas, you’re looking forward to days when you can open the window, fire up the grill, and enjoy the sunshine with family and friends. But are your propane appliances ready for all the warm-weather action? There are a few things you can do throughout the spring season to help keep your propane-powered appliances working safely and efficiently. Continue reading this blog post from Enderby Gas to learn more.

Prepping Your Propane Appliances for Spring in TX:

1. Maintain the Area around the Tank

Debris often collects around your propane tank during the winter. Take a few minutes to clear the space around your tank of any dead leaves, twigs, grass, and litter. We recommend a clearance of 10 feet around your tank. This helps you avoid a fire hazard and enables your propane driver to make an efficient delivery.

2. Embrace Some Spring Cleaning

There is no better time than spring to freshen up your propane appliances with some spring cleaning.  Consider cleaning the stove and oven, flushing the water heater, and clearing the dryer vent of any debris. Not only will cleaning your appliances allow you to start fresh this season, but removing dirt and grime will also maximize the equipment’s operation and allow you to visually inspect your units for signs of wear and tear.

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3. Prepare Your Grill for Cookout Season

Warmer spring weather means more opportunities to grill out for dinner or invite friends over for a barbecue. Make sure your grill is ready for this year’s inaugural cookout by cleaning it thoroughly. A clean grill is the ticket for both delicious food and a safe grilling season.

4. Order a Propane Delivery

A full propane tank is a happy propane tank. Be sure to check your tank gauge regularly and place delivery requests when your gauge shows around 30% full. When you get a propane delivery from your local experts at Enderby Gas, you’ll feel confident that you’ll have the fuel you need when it’s time to run your propane appliances.

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Enderby Gas Is Here for All Your Propane Needs

Making sure your propane appliances are clean and in working order will help you have a comfortable and fun spring and summer. But should anything go wrong, Enderby Gas is here to help. You can count on our team of North Texas propane experts to address all your propane needs. Contact us today to order propane, or save yourself time this spring by signing up for automatic delivery!