Benefits of Converting Your Home in North Texas to Propane Gas

Are you thinking about making the switch to propane gas in 2021? Well, you’re not alone! Lots of homeowners in North Texas are considering how their energy source can help them achieve goals like saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Find out how propane gas can help you achieve some of your New Year’s resolutions and what the lasting benefits of switching to propane are.

Top Reasons to Switch to Propane in 2021

1. Cost Savings
Is one of your goals in 2021 to save more money? Converting to propane has helped many homeowners save big on their energy bills. There are several reasons why propane is a money saver. First, it is abundantly available and affordable. The daily price can change with the market but propane gas remains consistently affordable. Second, it is highly efficient. Propane heating systems and appliances have a high fuel economy which translates to direct consumer savings. Third, propane is extremely affordable when compared to other primary heating sources, like electric heat. Plus, there are rebates available for propane heating equipment.

2. Equipment Longevity
If you go through with a propane gas conversion, you will add a propane gas furnace to your home for the cold months. Propane heating equipment is built to last, and it typically lasts up to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps.

3. Overall Value
Homeowners in Texas love propane gas because it is so versatile. When you switch your home to propane, you now have the ability to use so many other highly efficient appliances. Propane gas can be used for gas stoves, gas heating systems, gas water heaters, gas fireplaces, gas clothes dryers, and so much more.

4. Environmental Benefits
Propane is a clean, nontoxic fuel that is not considered a greenhouse gas. It produces minimal emissions and when used with high-efficiency propane gas equipment, generating a small environmental impact.

5. Safety
Propane gas is highly regulated to ensure the utmost safety for propane consumers. When you use propane in your home, you benefit from working with propane experts who are trained to perform safety inspections and any necessary repairs to maintain the safety of your property.

6. Convenience
Speaking of propane experts, so many homeowners in North Texas choose to use propane in their homes because using propane means getting fuel and service from a local company. Instead of dealing with a big, faceless utility provider, propane customers have their pick of local propane companies that employ community members. Most propane companies are local businesses that take great care with their customer service standards.