What You Need to Know about Propane Conversions

Homeowners throughout North Texas prefer powering their homes on propane thanks to its versatility, eco-friendliness, and affordability. If you’re considering converting your home’s energy source to propane, Enderby can help. Converting your home to propane can prove a tough but rewarding decision. There are several unique benefits to using propane:

  • Almost 90% of the propane used in the United States originates right here – domestically. Therefore, reliability is very high, with minimal dependence on foreign suppliers.
  • Propane, the most universal of residential fuels, can power a wide range of appliances from a single fuel source, including as heat, hot water, fireplaces, cooking, clothes drying, electric generators, pools, gas grills, and space heaters.
  • Propane is also eco-friendly; as a burned fuel, it meets all clean air energy standards put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Two Important Factors to Consider

There are two important factors to consider when it comes to converting your home to propane: installing your propane tank and converting your appliances. When installing your propane tank, you must choose a tank big enough to hold enough propane to power your property. Many homeowners prefer underground tanks, but you could opt instead for an aboveground tank. Enderby can assist you with seamless selection and installation of your new tank. The other important factor is your appliances. Depending on how you currently power your home, you might need either to purchase new appliances or convert your current ones. The best step to take is to get a professional consultation from Enderby to help with this part of the conversion.

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Get in Touch with Enderby Gas for Assistance

At Enderby, we are glad you have decided to switch over to eco-friendly propane. Look no further than us for all your conversion needs. We can assist you in smoothly transitioning to this versatile fuel that you will love. Get in touch today.