Propane Safety: Cathodic Protection Testing in North Central Texas

Enderby Gas has been providing expert propane delivery services to the North Texas area since 1945; that’s more than 75 years of trusted fuel delivery and safety experience. During our years of providing fuel to our valued residential, agricultural, and commercial customers, we’ve made it a priority to stay up to date with propane safety trends, best practices, and local requirements.

Cathodic protection testing is an important propane safety procedure that is a standard among propane professionals. If your home or business has an underground propane storage container, you should have this service performed regularly per NFPA 58 periodic testing requirements. If you’d like to schedule cathodic testing with us, you can request an appointment anytime—the service is performed outside, and we take special care to socially distance from customers and sanitize our workspace before and after your safety inspection.

What Exactly Is Cathodic Testing?

Underground propane containers are an efficient, invisible way to store propane gas for your North Central Texas fueling needs. As with aboveground containers, there are certain risks that should be managed with annual safety inspections. The biggest risk to underground containers is chemical decomposition caused by electrical currents running through an ion-containing liquid, which is referred to as electrolysis. Since propane gas is stored as a liquid that contains ions, propane containers run the risk of corrosion over time.

To protect your containers from electrolysis, we can install an underground sacrificial anode bag which absorbs any extra currents that were previously affecting your propane storage containers. The procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and can be performed with proper precautions to keep your family and our employees perfectly safe.

What Benefits Does Cathodic Testing Provide?

  • Protect your containers from costly future repairs or replacement
  • Give your family or employees peace of mind
  • Catch small propane safety issues before they get worse
  • Extend the life of your underground propane storage container
  • Meet testing requirements periodically required by NFPA 58

Financial Gain of Annual Cathodic Inspection

Extending the life of your propane storage container will also save you money on a replacement. The cost to replace an underground propane container can be a significant expense, so why not make sure your existing container lasts for as long as possible? Contact our team of experts at Enderby Gas today to request a cathodic inspection and propane safety check for your North Central Texas home or business.