How to Avoid a No-Heat Situation This Winter in North Texas

Here in North Central Texas, we know that as the colder weather begins to roll in, it’s more important than ever to protect our family, homes, and property from the harsh winter temperatures. One way we do that is by making sure that each Enderby Gas customer has the facts to avoid a no-heat emergency or heating system failure during the mid-season. While you’re gearing up for Texas winter storms, don’t take a chance on your home heating not being in peak condition for the weather conditions. Keep reading to learn some of Enderby’s best home fueling tips to help ensure you don’t run out of fuel in your home this winter. If you need assistance completing any of these suggestions, contact our team at Enderby Gas! We have you and your propane services and delivery covered!

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Heat-Loss Emergency

When it comes to keeping your North Texas home protected from the cold this winter, Enderby Gas has you covered with these top 5 fuel tips to ensure you can avoid a no-heat situation this winter heating season. Follow these steps to make sure you will have the propane fuel you need to keep warm:

Routinely check your propane tank gauge

Be sure to check your tank gauge regularly, so you know when you’re starting to run low. Please remember that to account for delivery scheduling, you should order fuel when your propane tank reaches about 1/3. And always remember that you can order fuel easily on our website!

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Shovel a path to your tank or fill pipe if it snows

You can help our delivery drivers stay safe by keeping your driveway, outdoor fuel tank, or fill pipe clear of snow, ice, and debris when the weather cools down. This will ensure your residential propane deliveries can make it to you safely and on time. Thank you for your assistance!

Watch the forecast

If you know winter weather is coming, check your propane storage tank to ensure you’ll have enough fuel to get you through the storm. Nothing is quite as stressful as wondering if your home heater or appliances will continue to stay on during icy winds.

Enroll in automatic propane fuel delivery

To better ensure you won’t run out of propane fuel in North Central Texas this winter, you can easily enroll in our Enderby Gas Automatic Propane Delivery program for no additional cost. With us at Enderby helping you keep a watchful eye on your propane storage level, you can worry less about checking your propane tank gauge and scheduling deliveries; we’ll take care of that for you! Our system automatically alerts us when your propane tank is due for a refill, and we work hard to dispatch our Enderby auto delivery drivers to make sure you have the fuel you need on time. Click here to learn more about our automatic propane delivery.

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Mark red emergency switches

Red emergency switches can typically be found near your heating system, appearing almost identical to light switches. It’s easy for these to get switched off in the dark, resulting in your heating system not working until they are turned back on. Cover these switches with a piece of tape to avoid a preventable no-heat emergency.

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Enderby Gas is Here for You and Your Family with Affordable Propane Delivery

Kick back, relax, and remember that you’re always protected as an Enderby Gas customer. We guarantee on-time propane delivery to help keep you safe and warm no matter how low the temperatures drop. If you’re a new customer, register with us to create a new propane account, or contact us to learn more about our propane services. Afterward, you can order a propane delivery anytime on our website. It’s that easy.