Winter Propane Uses for Residents & Business Owners in North Texas

Whether you’re a commercial or residential propane user, North Central Texas requires propane gas to keep operations running all year long. One of the reasons propane gas is so popular is for its variety of applications, including summer uses such as pool heating, fire pits, and clothes drying—but are you aware of the abundance of uses for propane during the winter? We’ll give you a hint: propane’s usefulness doesn’t end at home heating!

Top Winter Uses for Propane Gas in Texas

Here are a handful of uses for propane gas during the Lone Star State’s coldest months:

Backup Power Generators

During the winter, elements like ice, snow, and heavy wind can wipe out the power in seconds. Enjoy your home to the fullest this year with an automatic backup generator powered by Enderby’s propane.

Spa & Hot Tub Heating

Just because the weather cools down doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the great outdoors in North Central Texas. Since everyone’s spending more time at home this year, invest in a propane hot tub for maximum relaxation.

Reliable Hot Water

You’re lucky enough to reside in Texas, where nearly 90% of the country’s propane is produced. With a local, eco-friendly, and dependable fuel like propane, why would you choose anything else for your home’s water heater?

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Affordable Home Heating

It wouldn’t be a blog post about propane without a shoutout to propane’s affordability when it comes to home heating. This fuel has a high energy output, meaning you can get a lot of satisfying heat for each dollar you invest in the gas that fills your propane storage tank.

Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing says “cozy” like a fireplace—but why deal with the hassle of burning real wood? Skip the heavy lifting by installing a propane fireplace and enjoy the ambiance of real flames at the touch of a button.

Outdoor Space Heating

Have you visited outdoors this year with friends and family? Don’t let the fun end when temperatures drop. A propane space heater can keep your patio warm so you can spend safe quality time with those you love.


It may be dark outside by 6:00 p.m. these days, but propane gas can combat that. Many TX residents aren’t aware that propane is an efficient, cost-effective method for outdoor lighting on your property.

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