What to Expect from a Propane Tank Installation in Texas

If you’re getting a new propane tank installed at your home or business in North Central Texas, you may wonder what to expect with your new installation and what your local propane company will do during the installation. When it comes to new tank installations at your home or business, we at Enderby provide the best customer service in the area. Most importantly, a propane tank installation is something that must be performed by a licensed company only, like Enderby. Important things to consider when installing a new tank include:

  • Licensing of the Company and Its Technicians
  • Correct Sizing of the Tank
  • Correct Distance Rules
  • Assuring Compliance with Permitting and Construction Regulations

Enderby’s Installation Process

At Enderby, our technicians and staff maintain all required licensing for any size propane installation job. This includes gas-fitters licensing and other common and specific requirements in Texas. Plus, our technicians have experience in sizing your storage tank needs, so they can help you manage the cost of installation with the right engineering calculations and anticipated usage. As we understand the importance of compliance and safety, we assure you that all the state and local requirements for installation and construction are within code guidelines. This gives you the comfort and peace of mind of a professionally done installation.

Choose Enderby for Your Propane Tank Installation Needs

We’ll provide you with the tank alongside our propane delivery services. You can rely on Enderby for exceptional customer service in getting your propane needs and services met. Rest assured that we follow all codes and regulations to ensure a safely installed tank that is ready to operate. When it’s time to install a new tank, get in touch with the propane pros at Enderby!