5 Ways to Use Propane in Texas This Summer

Did you fire up your propane grill for the Fourth of July? Summer really is in full swing here in Texas, and homeowners and business owners across the state are fueling up their summer propane appliances. After all, propane gas fuels a wide range of home comfort equipment that can enhance your outdoor living space during the warmer seasons. Many people think of propane as a winter fuel, but that doesn’t fully explain its versatile nature. Check out a countdown of our favorite uses for propane during the summer season:

#5: Patio Space Heaters

Even Texas temperatures can really cool off when the sun sets. Don’t let a chilly breeze bring your outdoor fun to a screeching halt. Patio space heaters are a cost-effective way to keep your outdoor living space comfortable, even in the spring and fall.

#4: Outdoor Fire Pits

Everyone loves a marshmallow roast! Fire pits are a wonderful way to warm up your space and add an extra element of ambiance and cheer for entertaining. With a propane-powered fire pit, you can enjoy the perks of a campfire safely right in your backyard.

#3: Propane Generators

Summer is thunderstorm and hurricane season here in Texas. Why not protect your home and family with a propane generator? Along with providing comfort and safety during a power outage, generators can also prevent water damage and food spoilage.

#2: Propane Barbecue Grills

A summer staple, gas barbecue grills and outdoor kitchen setups are an affordable way to dine outdoors. Aside from the obvious appeal of delicious, barbecued food like chicken and ribs, grilling also helps preserve the cool air inside your home and reduce indoor energy bills.

#1: Propane Pool & Spa Heaters

Nothing says summer like a day by the pool! Everyone loves cooling off, but just remember that your pool doesn’t have to be at a bone-chilling temperature to be refreshing! Make the most of your pool, hot tub, or spa this season. With a propane-fired heater, you can keep waters at the perfect temperature.

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Choose Enderby for Your TX Propane Deliveries

Texas homeowners choose propane for its year-round versatility. When warm weather arrives, you can count on this multi-use fuel to power home comfort needs without breaking the bank. How are you spending your summer? Contact us to schedule a propane delivery.